Starving for God

Hunger pangs! A craving that is insatiable. Sweet or savory? Maybe a little of both. We have all been there. Refrigerator and pantry full of culinary choices but still we can’t find anything to curb that craving. Sound familiar. We are in a similar position spiritually.

Our lives, our families, and our country are in a state of starvation. If you were to poll the people sitting next to you in Starbucks or shopping in the same isles at the supermarket or department store you may be surprised that they identify as Christian. Now extend that poll to include spiritual disciplines i.e, reading God’s word, prayer, living a life of holiness, etc, and I assure you the numbers would paint an entirely different picture. The incredible thing is that this starvation for God is self imposed. We are free to choose whether we live devoted to or devoid of God. God gives us a choice to love Him and abide in His presence or ignore Him and struggle to navigate this life without His guidance.

It’s obvious which choice our society has made. Mass shootings, human trafficking, a total disregard for our fellow man! These are merely symptoms of the underlying illness; sin. The only cure for sin is salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. The remedy for the symptoms of sin in our society is a turning to God and a full surrender to His will and purpose for our lives. Will the evil of this world be eradicated? Not until Jesus returns to gather together those that belong to Him. But knowing Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior helps me navigate this world that is becoming more and more evil with each passing day.

So, in light of everything, I offer this challenge to those who identify as Christians. We are called to be transformed by the renewing of our minds so that we may know the will of God, and what is acceptable and perfect. (Romans 12:2) We can only do this by feasting on the word of God. There is a table set before us in the presence of the Lord. Let us eat daily and live minute by minute on the very word of a holy God who wants us to be transformed into the image of His Son, Jesus Christ. Maybe, just maybe, someone will inspect our life and seek what we have; salvation in Jesus! We can make a difference if we can cure this self imposed starvation for the things of God!

Until next time, let us be found faithful;

Pastor Kavin

Published by pastorkavin

Born again Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ, Pastor of Victory Baptist Church in Hampton, Fl.

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