Which path are you following

In Matthew 7:13-14 Jesus tells of two gates. One is wide and one is narrow. The wide gate leads to destruction and condemnation while the narrow gate leads to righteousness and eternal life. The path we choose to walk determines the gate we will enter as we exit this world.

The wide gate is not only visible and accessible to any and all comers, it appears as the only option unless one searches out another gate. The wide path appears to be paved with good times and prosperity. It seems like the “fun” road, filled with excitement and adventure. It’s the “don’t worry be happy” type of path. The gate it leads to is the popular gate; there is so much growth and activity surrounding it, how could it possibly be dangerous. The wide gate is wide enough to include all: all philosophies and beliefs no matter how extreme, all appetites and passions, all liberties and licenses, all sin and selfishness. Anything and everyone is accepted and embraced as truth.

But Jesus warns that this path and gate are to be entered to the detriment of your eternal destiny. Just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s correct. This theme has been played out throughout history.

On the other hand there is a narrow gate that leads to eternal life which can be entered. We must turn from the wide gate, stop following the crowd and turn from the activity and attractions that surround the wide gate. We must search for the narrow gate and seek it diligently. And when we find it we must enter into it immediately! However it is hard to enter because it is so narrow.

You may be asking, how can anyone enter into this narrow gate? There are a few principles that we must adhere to to be granted access to this most precious gate. To enter in; a person must stoop and bow down. Give up the self centered-ness and ego that demands that we are owed something because of what we have done. Jesus said that we must accept the Kingdom of God as a child. Innocently and without pretense or condition. Just to take Jesus at His word. He has paid the price for our entrance into this gate.

Another thing we must do is strip off the old man and be clothed in the the new righteousness that we receive when we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. One must be born again to have access to the narrow gate. You must be renewed in the spirit of your mind by Christ.

And lastly, you must struggle against your flesh. Your flesh will tell you to give up and turn back to the old you. It will tell you this is too hard and does not feel natural. It will tell you that it’s no use; you’re not good enough to live this new life in Christ. This is true! You can’t live this new life without the help of Jesus. And everyday you must humbly seek Him for His assistance to live out what He has called you to. Be encouraged by knowing that if you are not struggling with your fleshly desires you are not seeking to walk with Jesus. Every believer struggles with those sins that we used to indulge in. It is “ONLY” by the gracious hand of Jesus that those sins no longer have a hold on us.

The gate that leads to Heaven is narrow but it can be entered by those who earnestly seek it out. Humble themselves. and stay the path when the going gets rough. Listen to and follow that still small voice as Jesus leads us to the narrow gate.

If you have not already, would you consider right now putting your faith in Jesus Christ? He is calling you to Himself. He has already paid for your sins and given you a way to seek and enter the narrow gate if you will only accept His gift of salvation.

Until we all enter in;

Pastor Kavin

Published by pastorkavin

Born again Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ, Pastor of Victory Baptist Church in Hampton, Fl.

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